We love snowboard shops. Besides providing a livelihood for our friends and family, shred stores with doors are places to coffee up in the morning or share tales of defeat and glory at the end of an epic day. Plus, when you break your binding, you need a local shop that knows and cares enough to get you back out on the mountain ASAP. Why do they care? Because they are snowboarders just like you are. All of these are great reasons to support your local snowboard shop by spending your dollars there. If you need one more reason, here it is: Airblaster is offering special limited color ways that are ONLY available in STORES WITH DOORS. They're not for sale online. Anywhere. We've pulled aside some of our most awesome colors, prints, and styles and reserved them for the establishments that have laid the foundation for snowboarding since day one.

To find these limited edition products, visit our DEALER LOCATOR and check the STORES WITH DOORS box to find a participating boardshop near you!

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