Have you seen him?

Strong, agile, wise, and humble, Sasquatch rules the mountains and forested lands. Benevolent ruler of the high country, he takes only what he needs, conserving resources, traveling light, and remaining invisible until he wishes to be seen. Sightings are so rare that some don’t even believe he exists at all. But those who have seen him know the truth. And those very few whom he has allowed to follow him through the forest and observe him have learned from him. His rules? If its not functional, don’t bother with it. Reuse everything you can. Keep yourself in short supply.

The Sasquatch line has returned to Airblaster, using these guiding principles to create the most awesome Airblaster outerwear ever seen. First, each Sasquatch outerwear style is designed and developed to function perfectly and perform in style. Each piece is then crafted with care in extremely limited quantities, using a maximum of premium upcycled materials and upgraded trims. Finally, each Sasquatch garment is individually hand numbered so that you know exactly the rarity of what you hold in your hands. If you’re lucky enough to spot a Sasquatch, don’t let the moment escape you.
You could have a trusted friend for life.




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